There is one question that I get asked on a daily basis nowadays:
How do you keep up and going when there’s so much going on around?

People experience this time as an emotional and energetic carousel.
I feel good, just to feel really down, suddenly.
Should I sell? Is it right to do it now?
How could I be selling without all the guilt and shame?
But also, how could I NOT be selling till the end of this?
Should I be lowering my pricing?

The chances to end up spinning are high. 
Even for those who’ve been working on their emotions and mindset for years.

So here’s something that I want you to remember:

1. The ONLY way to help and empower others 
is by empowering yourself.

Keep your light on, so you can hold the space for 
and give others permission
to find their path back to their light too.

And if you are a spiritual business owner,
this means finding the heartful balance between giving away and growing.
Between contributing and expanding your business during crisis too.


2. The inner work is more important than ever. 

Many times, the thoughts you think are not even yours. 
You pick them up from others around or directly from the collective consciousness.

So you risk
fearing other people’s fears.
and blocking yourself with other people’s limitations.

The good part:
There is a way to start telling the difference 
between what is yours and what is just ‘borrowed’ emotion and thought.

Simply turn inward and ask yourself:
In the heart of my hearts, does this feel true?

If the answer is no – then it’s not your story. And you can let go of it directly.
If the answer is yes – process the story, 
heal what needs healing, let go of what needs to be let go of. 
And move on.

Choose to know and now decide that
you can live without picking up other people’s fears
you can think, feel and act clearly, effortlessly and easily
you can have wonder in your life, joy for being alive
and clearness to make the BEST decisions for your business, health and wealth
you can massively contribute AND grow with grace.
you are moving through this with ease, elevating yourself and others.

Choose to know and now decide that
You are safe.
You are protected.
You are stronger than anything coming your way.

And this moment now 
is just an opportunity for you to work on yourself
clear yourself, your energy and your choices.
and fulfill more of the purpose you came here for
in a way that serves you and the world around you.

Feeling this?

If you do and want help to elevate above the noise,
get clarity on the most soulful way to sell – the How and Whats
dissolve the biggest money and business blocks limiting you right now
and step into unwavering confidence
so you can not only serve, contribute,
but be the leader of your business, 
and continue to rise even during crisis

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We’ll talk about how far your business can get
with increasing ease and from alignement

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