the next level version of you
is you…
being more YOU.
the you who feels free.
the you who feels certain.
the you who feels creative.
the you who feels playful.
the you who has no idea
HOW it will all play out
but knows it WILL work out.
beyond logic.
so she shows up, creates, builds,
speaks, shares, plays full out
and receives
from that certainty.
The Vortex
we create that.
4 years of business
various 7 and 8-figure mentors
well over 6 figures invested in my own growth
working with hundreds of clients

and making heck of a lot of money online

here is what I’ve learnt.


Most journeys
gave me a lot of information.
Many of them gave me connection
and amazing people I now call friends.

A few of them
gave me real high level calibration.
To the energy,
and beingness of a mentor
with standards others just speak about.

What only very very few containers gave me…

was a mentor that saw and talked to the power in me

and walked with me helping me feel and own
what they’ve been seeing in the first place.

This level of holding space,
this level of mentorship
is what my soul craved for.

And once I understood the gift
that this level of support gives us,

I decided this is what my clients will get from me.

I now know that
addressing your power
and helping it wake up and take space

is ultimately the highest form of magic
you get to have access to.

This is what THIS container is about.


a portal of calibration to expansion and magic
for the soul-led woman ready to quantum leap.

This is a mentorship, coaching and spiritual growth experience
for a small group of women.

Here we create

the identity upgrades
the certainty
the strategy

for you to  grow your (multiple) 
6-figure business. and beyond. 


You are welcome in a high-level women group
you have ongoing chat access, unlimited coaching access and unlimited personalized support
you can ask me anything
 you will have me holding space for you while you rewrite stories, set new standards, create healthy boundaries, step into new expectations and define new systems and structures to support your growth on your terms
the cherry on top of the cake:  you receive a highly spiritual immersion, to claim, activate and own your multidimensionality, wisdom and capacity to create and receive effortlessly 

Not limited to, but absolutely focused on

◐ upgrading your identity to that of the you that has your desire

◐ anchoring you into a deep sense of certainty around
how business works for you
how money works for you
how life works for you


◐ reconnecting you back to your power and magnetism
through deep subconscious rewiring AND energetics work

◐ building your crystal clarity around strategy, structures, systems and skills
you need to upgrade into for growing beyond the (multiple) 6-figure business


the masculine structure but created for you. in ways that feel fun and you get to fall in love with. 
the offers, the pricing, 
the selling, the content, 
the content marketing
 the audience growth.
it all gets to feel easy + highly effective


I created this space to feel like HOME.
here you belong, you are understood, you are seen.
your power is seen and summoned.
you get access to strategies and processes
that are high-level, game-changing, unique.
and nothing is off limits.

You unleash, become and enjoy
your full potential.

Freedom, impact, money, creativity,

Unlimited personalized support: Continual coaching, training and masterminding inside our private chat group.
This means you get to ask anything, anytime. And have me holding space for you and coaching you through anything that comes up

(This is wildly invaluable. This is where the magic happens)

weekly live group coaching calls (with direct mentoring, q&a + coaching).

 one monthly high-level masterclass. Everything I am upgrading, upleveling, integrating 
while working with my own multiple 8-figures mentors

Access to 60+ recorded video trainings. The mastermind high level trainings. 
In these videos, I share with you everything that has been working in my business
everything I integrated and embodied based on my on work
and mentoring with 7 and 8-figure business owners continuously.
(I honestly can’t imagine a reality where I do not get ongoingly supported
and held by my own mentors…)

 PLUS: free pass to all the courses I have
and I will keep on creating – during the time of working together. (value $9,000+) 

Doubled their income in one month
Started hitting consistent 5-figure months
Created 5-figure weeks and days
Signed their biggest contracts ever
Sold a year’s worth of sales in 24 hours
Signed more clients in 48 hours than in the previous 6 months (this was someone who already had a 6-figure business…)
Created their biggest income months during the lowest months in their business, historically
Got fully booked consistently during the mastermind months, WHILE consistently raising their prices
Started hitting their income goals for the upcoming 3-4 months in advance, in booked sales
Booked their first 5-figure clients within the first 3 months of their business
Booked $60,000 clients! In the first 5 months of online business
Sold their house for 3 times more money than they thought possible


The question is…
Are you ready to become the woman
who turns into reality the desires you carry in your heart?

If yes – this space was created for you.

You can choose between 2 options:



You and I both know that the best results come from consistent action, and this self-paced course will help you consistently work on your money mindset to ensure you don’t just live a rich life, but your richest life.

80% of the work required to get to the next level of income is clearing your money blocks.

Blocks you may not even know you have right now. So far, this program has helped women entrepreneurs from around the world achieve results like more business in one week than in 6 months.

Sound unbelievable? This program will show you how to create results like this for yourself.


Ever find yourself self-sabotaging, killing your own vibe, and procrastinating the tasks you know you should be doing in order to be abundant? This bundle is perfect for you. It includes five of my best money mindset reset trainings, with each one focusing on a specific issue, so you can get yourself back into a state of flow (and the $$$ rolling in):
How To Accelerate Hitting Your Money Goals – And Create Income On Demand

The 3 Step Process To Overcome Financial Self-Sabotage

How To Deal With Self-Doubts And Consistently Create $10k + Income

3 Money Mindset Shifts To Deal With People Holding You From Creating True Wealth

The 4 Essential Money Manifesting Practices To Include In Your Mindset Routine


a 30-day elevation journey to own your core truth, quit marketing like the masses

and get seen, heard,
AND well paid
for being YOU.

Value: $1,500

4-weeks of pure magic for you to align, own your power and become a money manifesting queen.

Value: $997

6-week money magic incubator to download, package and sell out your best offer yet.

Value: $1,400

11 days of energy shifting work for you to access higher guidance, abundance and flow now.

Value: $997

Total Value of Programs You Receive: Over $45,000
Total value of your transformation: priceless.

You can choose between 2 options:


Cristina is an international money mindset mentor and spiritual activator for visionaries, uplifters and healers.

Through her courses,
large social media presence,
free trainings, meditations and resources she shares regularly, Cristina is restless in her mission to impact, inspire and help elevate soul-centered women, who feel and know they are here on a special mission – to help change the world.

Cristina’s main mission is to help dissolve the illusion of limitation and guide the heart-centered women on how to make their highest impact and live their richest life.

In her previous careers, Cristina used to be a communication, marketing and banking executive – for some of the biggest global companies. The shift from corporate to entrepreneurship helped Cristina become n insightful guide for the high-achiever women on a mission to fulfill their dreams.

Cristina learned how to balance her doer part, focused on structures and strategies, with energetics, subconscious work,and reconnection to the Source wisdom.

This mix of practical, spirituality, mindset and energy 
is the foundation of her success.

The way Cristina has been consistently doubling her business,
achieving financial freedom, luxury travel, large social media following,
media features in outlets such as Success, Evercoach, Thrive, Mindbodygreen, etc.

After 6 years of executive positions, Cristina left her corporate job, left her home country
and followed her soul. She now lives by the beach, in Portugal, together with her soulmate husband
and their daughter. Helping increasingly more women start living their own dreams.


My work is for the woman who has a massive responsibility and respect for her purpose.

She has already stepped into deep self-responsibility.
She knows she has a mission bigger than herself.
She left behind the illusion that the golden marketing recipe will save her.
She is deeply aware that her energy is her Source and her currency.

And she’s not blaming anyone – not even her mother 🙂 – for where she is.

She is defining herself as deeply spiritual
But she also knows that her human dimension needs to be honored too
And she’s in it for all – her desires, her purpose, her needs, her dreams.

She is real.
She has a strong purpose.
And she has shit to do.

Other client stories

I don’t have a business yet. Is this for me?

The program is recommended for women who already have a business –  coaching, or any other industry – and they are ready to scale up. If you feel you are an exception, and are ready to embark on this journey, even if you don’t have a business quite yet – please email

What can I expect from this program?

Deep clarity on your purpose, message, branding, launching, your truths, your power – your way to grow, make impact and make money in a soul-aligned way. A renewed sense of confidence, trust and creativity. Motivation to do the damn work. Elevated energy, elevated inspiration and freedom. Mindset shifts. Spiritual evolution. Power. New, healthier boundaries and standards.

What am I going to receive?

Unlimited access to and support from Cristina. A mentor to calibrate your energy and growth to. A sacred space of transformation. Inspiration. Accountability. Tens of hours of transformational content. Soul-awakening coaching and mentoring. Personalizd and guided inner work, spiritual activation work created for you. Direct connection to your next levels energy. New soulmate friends.

What if I am too busy and I don’t follow through?

The energy this container is programmed with is for you to take away EXACTLY what you need for the highest growth right now. This means you are not required or expected to cover all the trainings
or use the chat every single day – in order to shift, transform and grow.
The mastermind trainings, journal prompts and call recordings are yours for life.
You can go through it all at your own pace.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, when you apply, you will be receiving all the details.

What is the refund policy?
There are no refunds once the mastermind starts.
If you have any questions, make sure to clarify them
before registering.

I am pondering about it, but I still have doubts. Should I apply?

Your answer lies always in the way you feel beneath the fear/doubt.
If you said yes to this work, would you feel excited about this work
and journey? Then trust that and allow your heart
to lead the way.

Also, consider this: the limited, fearful you will never take you
to your next level.  You re the queen of your life and business. 

It’s time you honor yourself,
and make choices like a queen.