Are you in a place where you feel that you can’t get ahead?

Maybe you’ve tried and tried….

But there is always something that seems to prevent you from reaching your goal.

There’s always something happening to keep you stuck.

There’s always you… blocking yourself.

Here’s a list of the biggest blocks you might be struggling with right now and a simple way to break through each one of them.

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1. Hiding

Are you making it difficult for people to find your offer?

Maybe you’re just not showing up. Or maybe you do show up, share lots of value, but never make the offer for people to continue the relationship with you.

Or maybe your offer is invisible in your world – in your marketing materials or your website.

Simple action?

Decide to show up regularly, every week, sharing your stories and value AND mentioning every time, at the end, a way people can continue their connection with you…. “…and if you want more of this, here’s how you can book in for a free consultation / here’s a free resource that will help you further / here’s my time limited offer….”.

Commit to showing up, share value AND mention your offer. Consistently.

2. Procrastination

Do you still wait for the designer to make the last tweaks to your website? Are you waiting for the sales page to be finally ready? Are you ‘trying to make more time and always postpone’? Or you need to study more, take a new course, get a new certification before offering that new program?

What are you using as an excuse for not doing what you want NOW?

Action step:

Be honest with yourself, acknowledge your procrastination for what it is.

And ask yourself: What am I truly afraid of?

You’ll quickly get to the root blocks and, from there, you just need to release your fears, re-write your belief and start taking action aligned with your new story.

Need help with identifying and releasing your biggest money blocks?

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3. Lack of consistency

This one is easy.

And if you’re suffering from it, you already know how it plays out: you get quickly discouraged, and after the first few trials, you decide to try ‘something new’.

Action step:

Start building your ‘consistency muscle’ by deciding to embrace simple habits in your life.

E.g: following a consistent mindset practice. Every.Single.Day.

You can include setting your intentions for the day.

And following through on them.


Ok, here are some of the most common fears that I’m discovering in my clients:

… The fear of outshining someone close to you.

… The fear of being disrespectful to your parents ( as twisted as it might seem, it’s hard for your subconscious to allow you make more money than your parents ever made. Because that translates into reducing their lifelong efforts and struggle to being useless…)

Also, you might be unconsciously embracing the neediness role, because of the fear of not taking away from your parents their power to help you… the gift of feeling needed… Especially when that could be their reason to be in this world.

…. The fear of losing your social benefits if you’re going over a certain income level

… The fear of being robbed ( Rich people get robbed… Do you find yourself believing this? 🙂 )

… The fear of being asked for money when you have lots of them

…. The fear of losing your money to taxes

If any of these fears resonate with you

  1. Acknowledge it
  2. Release the negative emotional baggage coming with it (use EFT, journaling, praying, meditation)
  3. Decide on a more empowering, positive story that you want to embrace
  4. Repeat that new positive story until it becomes your new belief


It’s safe for me to be successful and own my value.

I’m building my success in a world of love, abundance and faith.

I’m choosing how I use my money in the way that feels best to me.

I’m happy to contribute from my abundance to helping others

Paying more taxes means I’m earning more money too.

Two other big fears are…

I’m just not good with money.

The truth is that no kid was born walking and talking. We all need to practice and develop our skills. The money skills included.

Action step:

Simply decide to check your finances every single day.

And while you’re watching your bank account, choose to think of 3 recent ways in which your money already helped you feel abundant.

E.g.: Drinking that coffee in a fancy cafe.

Being able to contribute to that cause.

Being able to afford the house you’re living in…. etc., etc.

By checking your account daily, you’ll be starting to take control over your finances.

And by doing it while holding gratitude states, you’ll be rewiring your brain to associate your money with something positive, pleasant… and…  abundant.

I’m not……. Enough. (creative, smart, educated, slim, beautiful, lucky, etc etc)

There’s a BIG impact that this fear makes on everything you put out:

Even if you provide great value, it will never be recognized as such. Because… no one will value you more than you value yourself.

So here’s your action step:

Write down, every day, three ways in which you value yourself OR you’ve added value to someone’s life that day.

This simple practice alone, over 30 days, will help you build your muscle of valuing yourself, which will turn you into a better person and a better entrepreneur. It’s one of the best ways to celebrate yourself and increase your self-worth and net worth.

Probably the best way, though, is listening to this FREE meditation

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