Awhile ago, I was tucking Ana in when she suddenly asked me if God creates the people.

My brain stopped for a second… I mean, explain that to a 4-year-old! 🙂

Nevertheless, I took a deep breath and went for my version of the story:

The baby seed is planted in the mommy’s belly ( how?! well… by a very special kiss from daddy… )…


And then… when the seed is there, God/the Source sends a magic part of it into the seed, giving it life, love, and superpowers. Godly powers…

Ana looked completely satisfied and with a casual air, she added: ‘See? it was not complicated. I understand that.’

So there was I, between Peppa the pig and Pooh the bear… 
when it suddenly hit me…
Our superpowers are so easy to understand and acceptable for a kid.


And so complicated to believe in for an adult.


Because somewhere, somehow, you were told/shown another story.
And you forgot the truth. 
You forgot who you are.


So here’s a reminder for you:
You, beautiful girl, are made of stardust.
You are a piece of magic.
You are THE Magic.


And for you, everything is limitless.
Because so are you.



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