There’s this understanding that’s been building over the last couple of months:

There’s no next level if you don’t jump first.
Without any other insurance but the crazy faith inside.
And the absolute commitment to do your part
And allow it to work.

I see all these women – sometimes I count myself too- wishing, dreaming, being busy
But too afraid to step outside of the known.
too afraid to show the full truth
too afraid to fully commit to their soul
too afraid to stay where they are,
but even more afraid to move forward.

You see them…
They need one more client before they commit
they need one more month to try make it work differently
they need more money, more time, more energy…

They move forward slowly, and painfully.
Afraid to admit that the ONLY thing they really need
is more COURAGE.

The courage to invest in your growth
the courage to commit to playing at a higher level
the courage to stay and play where it feels uncomfortable
the courage to shed old skins to discover more you
the courage to go full in and give it your all
the courage to get your soul naked and exposed
the courage to fail and start it all over again
the courage to look at yourself, accept yourself, and move on
the courage to be judged
the courage to be loved
the courage to succeed.

All this takes so much courage.

But the reward when you choose to step into that inner force and own it?

The bridges to the next level get magically built in front of your eyes
You move fast
You move with ease
And the magic is always on your side.
Oh, and you have SO MUCH FUN!

Because the Universe does rise up to meet you when you do.

So the next time when you feel the inner push to do, be, have a next level thing?

You can walk away, ignoring it – as so many times.
Hey, not everyone gets to be a resounding success!

OR… you can follow it like your life and business depended on it. Because they do.

Now, the secret?
Courage (and clarity) comes from action.

When you step up, your world steps up with you.
But only then.

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