Today I broke up with a yoga studio.
The short story: I refused to take off my socks while training.
I have something against sweaty feet (nobody’s perfect, ok? ???)

But the reason I’m sharing this with you was the lecture the yoga instructor tried to shower me with at the very end of the class.

With visible concern, she tried making a point about
why I OUGHT to respect the rules of the group I am in
why in society we have to always adapt ourselves to others
and, she gloriously added, who is not adapting to the society is doomed to poor living.

She finalized in a high pitch and, just before showing me the shoulder, wisely concluded
‘If you have this problems in adapting yourself to the rules, your life should be pretty tough’.
(mic drop – she thought – and she left the scene)

Some years ago I would have been exploding by that point.
Instead, I smiled and and thought ‘What a wonderful lesson to share in my world!’

Now, here’s the thing:
I never did very good with rules.
It’s a miracle, looking back, that I had a successful career in advertising and then banking.
Mainly because I was working harder than anyone I knew, I was smart,
and people had to reluctantly admit they needed someone like me.

But since I left that life behind and started this new entrepreneurial journey, it became so clear:
You grow when you step outside the rules that feel constrictive
You elevate yourself when you follow what feels good and expansive for YOU.
And you touch lives when by being who you are you inspire others to do the same for themselves.

Squeezing yourself into rules that make no sense to you is as dangerous as rebelling against everything just because.

So take a deep breath in and feel into this
It is possible for you to grow your business and live your life on your terms.
It’s safe for you to say no and have healthy boundaries around what you are available for.
It is safe for you to remove yourself from places, situations and relationships that don’t serve you
It is safe for you to move on and find your tribe when you look around and don’t see it just yet.

You are worthy of choosing what feels the best for you.
You are able to find your tribe as many times as feels necessary for you
(sometimes we outgrow our tribes and it’s time for a new journey)

You can trust your emotions.
You can trust yourself.

You can have it all – success, healthy relationships, impact and money.
You can have everything you see in your heart, on your terms
You deserve it all.

And it is all waiting for you on the other side of your fears and limitations.

So here’s a question for you:
If anything was possible for you,
and there was no way to fail,
and you gave yourself full permission to create and win by your rules,

what are the conditions/terms that make you feel the best, when it comes to growing your business?

Allow the answers come to you. And then see what you notice.

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