The holidays are knocking at the door, so is the end of 2018.
And if I were to pick the main growth takeaway for this year
by working with lots and lots of amazing women and growing my own business too

this is the BIG reminder I thank 2018 for:
What truly matters in life and business is not what you do.
But the state you do it from.
And the beliefs you are holding while taking your action.

I’m saying this knowing
what it feels like to take massive action, throwing everything at it, and get very little in return
but also what it feels like to travel, enjoy life, expand the energy and get massive sales flowing in just based on occasional messaging and drops of wisdom imbued with fun.

This is not me telling you to stop working, pack your bags and go around the world
Even though it seems like a great idea too! – most of the days ( cheers, moms! )

But it is a reminder that
Your money follows your energy.
And your energy follows your emotions
And your emotions follow your thoughts
And your thoughts follow your decisions
The decisions you make – even when you don’t make them –
around what you choose to believe in.

So here’s my message to you today:
Decide to pay more attention to the inner world than to the exterior one
Decide to watch out for your thoughts
Choose your stories carefully (there’s always a more empowering way to tell each story!)
Choose to embody the energy of the reality you do want
Repeat it, train it, own it, until you become it.
Choose to receive it.
With ease, on your terms.

Know that it is possible.
And it is possible for you NOW.

Seems too simple? It is, but that’s also why it’s so hard for the humans to accept it and do it.
But I know this for sure: you can do it!

Because you are pure magic at your core!

And that’s the kind of magic I’ll help you to remember and reconnect to
once you join us inside The Mastermind.

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