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Open yourself to living the life you love

You are a professional woman. And a successful one. You have got it all figured out, professionally. And, even so, something is missing.

Sometimes you feel like failing on all planes – as a professional – feeling increasingly worn out and jaded, and even as a life partner / and mother – being too busy and too tired to be present in the lives of your loved ones. You have your dreams and hopes, but you never seem to have the energy, courage nor the time to move on with them.

You do long for your inner buzz, that flow of frisky energy that gets your motor running, fills you with zest for life and makes you feel meaningful and happy. But you always postpone taking actual steps to get all that.

You are smart, resilient, you know what hard work and commitment are standing for, you are a creator and an overachiever, and, under the bad ass lady armour, you carefully preserve your sensitive heart. The place from where you long for walking on your true path, living your life purpose, and having a heart-centered life.

So, what if you could…

  • Get full clarity on what your life purpose is. What lights up your heart and makes you feel that you live your full potential?
  • Get clear on your life vision – what you really want from your life and how you can get there?
  • Create a life plan that has clear, concise and achievable goals, that you feel it´s important and meaningful to you?
  • Ditch the (self) doubts of not measuring up to other peoples´ expectations and, most of all, your expectations?
  • And clear the fears of being vulnerable and/or falling flat on your face while going after your dreams?
  • Build an unwavering confidence in who you really are and how you can contribute to other peoples´ lives?
  • Break free from your corporate life?
  • Create a detailed plan of how to become financially free and make good money by living your dreams?
  • Rewire your mind for the success that makes you happy, instead of the success that is expected from you?
  • Change your inner language from “I can’t afford it” to “How can I afford this”?
  • Build the mindset that will allow you to turn your dreams into reality and start living the life you´ve been longing for?

Sounds like a stretch?

I can help you create all these in your life.

I´m Cristina, a magic maker with a deep LOVE for helping you power through your status quo inertia, fears, doubts, onuses and lack of confidence and get to live the life you are now just dreaming of.

Consider me as your fairy god mother, assuming that your fairy god mother was a passionate breakthrough coach with a special talent and experience to turn your uncertainties and fears into clarity and happiness.

Unclear about your life vision? Let´s nail down what you really want from your life, what are your core values and priorities, what is it that makes your heart sing and gives wings to your mind, and how to turn this life purpose vision into reality. In concrete, clear and concise steps.

You know what you want, but the fears keep stopping you cold in your tracks? I´ll show you how to redefine a strong success mindset, deeply connect yourself to your vision and design a clear strategy, with clear and concrete action steps to rapidly and smoothly help you start living your life purpose and the life you love.

You´ve already been so successful until now. You´ve achieved so much…. You do have all it takes. You are smart, capable, sensitive, committed and you deserve to live the life that makes you fulfilled and happy.

Now it´s time to redefine your success and make it meaningful to your heart.

You deserve to be happy. And this journey can start right here, right now.