Money Mindset Reset VIP Intensive

Late nights, long weekends.

Working around the clock.

And still feeling like not DOING enough.

All while you have thoughts like:

  • Am I good enough to charge this much for my programs?
  • Are these goals I have crazy? Who am I to want this kind of money?
  • Why would someone hire me over other coaches anyway…?
Sound familiar?

Now, just imagine what was possible for you if you could….

  • Go deep, into your subconscious, and release your biggest limiting beliefs
  • Create a clear roadmap for where you want to go
  • Get a step-by-step action plan to reset your money mindset and open up to receiving more abundance – that you can start implementing RIGHT AWAY

All while knowing exactly how to step into your most empowered state of mind ON CUE

(I’ll help you step into a state you never thought possible for you)

What would be the value of that?

The Money Mindset Reset VIP Intensive is for you, if…

  • You KNOW that this is your time NOW
  • You KNOW that money is in your mindset and who you choose to be
  • You feel at your core that you have a mission to fulfill. And you’re not at peace until you fulfill it
  • You KNOW that you can and deserve to have 5-figure months consistently.
    And you just need to be shown the HOW.

The Money Mindset Reset Session will help walk away with…

  • Full clarity on your biggest subconscious blocks
  • A proven step-by-step process to remove them
  • Actionable and advanced manifesting techniques
  • The capacity to step into your most empowered mind state – ON CUE – so that you create your life ON DEMAND

How does this work?

You´ll have one extended private coaching session (90-minutes) that, in one shot, will provide you with all the coming to Jesus moments that you need in order to reset your money mindset and lay the foundation for your 6-figure empire.

It´s an intense experience that will burn to ashes all your biggest doubts, confusions and fears.

And will give you the mindset you need to create 5-figure months CONSISTENTLY and your freedom.



– Voxer support for 2 weeks ($500 Value)
– Instant Access To “Sell With Confidence And Soul – How To Convert 80% of Your Sales Calls” Masterclass ( $247 Value)

Your order will process as soon as you hit the pay button.

  • Upon completion of payment, you will get a receipt via email.
  • Within 4-6 hours, you will receive an email message with a questionnaire and a link to schedule your intensive.
  • You will have access to Cristina for 15 days following your intensive (via Voxer)




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“I’ve gotten such clarity since talking to Cristina. I now know what my personal mission statement is and it’s clear in which direction I need to go. Before it was so hard for me. The exercise you provided me helped me move past this block.”



Untitled design (9)“I experienced Cristina´s coaching in a delicate moment of my life. Working with Cristina through that period was a revelation for me. Not only did it help me get clarity on my life, my priorities and how to make ‘things happen’, but it also inspired me to discover myself, my inner talent.”



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“I am very grateful that I crossed paths with Cristina. Her coaching helped me find a piece of the puzzle that I have been missing. She helped me realize that it was there all the time!  I highly recommend Cristina to anyone who wants to find out more about herself and get past something that stops them. I now wake up smiling in the morning.”