I don’t know about you,
but when I read about AI writing essays

I feel a shiver up my spine 🙂

On the one hand, the greatness of it:
the human created an intelligence
so much bigger than ours
that gets … bigger. exponentially.
(and it remains to be seen
how that will serve humanity)

On the other hand…
being intelligent will never be enough again
being hard working will stop making sense. forever.

being knowledgeable…
well, will not worth that much anymore.

Human-robots – those souls
disconnected from their emotions,
cut from their creativity.
reproducers of smart people’s ideas,
while looking intelligent…

are in for a big pickle.
on planet Earth.

even if it’s not obvious yet,
their job has been taken.

by legit quantum robots.
smarter every day.

What will DO make ALL the difference
for thriving from now on
is… getting reallly good at being human.

and what makes a human human is…
emotions + creativity + spirituality.

Money Growth Will Depend On Emotional Intelligence
More Than Ever

So, here it is:

The future is here.
and understanding
how to alchemize our emotions
bounce up stronger with each knock down
and plug back to high divine creativity

are no more just a thingy thing
but the condition (let’s call it key ✌️🗝️)
to our dreams.

So if you are still playing the old game
of trying to become your next level self
(and intellectualize your way there)

just stop.

And instead,
become a master at who you are now.
what you feel, what you sense and who you BE.

Then – cha-ching
the world opens up
as your oyster.





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