This past weekend took me through a wild processing
And next level revelation.

Something big that poured through every cell of my being.
and shifted a bit (a lot) more my perception on this world.

And since it’s beginning to look 
a lot like Christmas 🙂
I want to share this magic with you.

It all started with reading someone’s opinion – someone I continue to deeply love and admire

on Trump, on how the energy of a winner always prevails
on how this world needs polarity, because there is no light without dark.

And while I do respect everyone’s views on this world 
– especially when they come from people who build empires
by sharing their truth and living their soulful message and way,

there was something that zoomed out in me.
And then zoomed out again.
And again. 

And I had this huge massive download.

At an energy level, this world is made of contrasts. But these contrasts just are.
They are neither good or bad. They are not polarized ( charged against each other)

But on the contrary – they are complementary – building on each other
and working for mutual expansion – just like the universe.

Polarization, struggle and opposition are really just human mind creations.
They are the illusion of a deeply wounded and attached to drama collective consciousness. 

People need to create fights, things to oppose to, 
so they can experience themselves fully as ‘good’ people. 
But this fight is never a requirement. It is a choice. 

In other words,
At an energy and spiritual level – there is nothing for you to fight against.
There is only growth, expansion to focus on
while choosing to thrive on your gifts and the complementarity around.

Feminine and masculine
your strong points and other people’s weaknesses,
your weaknesses and other people’s talents,
your desires and other people’s desires
your dreams and the way the reality looks….

even when, especially when there is contrast,
they are all complementary.

Now you have 2 choices:
1. understand that complementarity and choose to use it for easy, inspired growth
2. polarize the contrast, and choose the fight as a way to ‘earn’ what you want
Feeding the illusion you don’t deserve ease, grace, and flow.

So, here’s my message to you:
You don’t have to fight demons so you get to God.
You don’t have to win against the ugly so you get to the goodness.
You don’t need to go through darkness – so you can recognize the light.

You ARE light.
And when you don’t feel like it
go back and remember who you are.

Ask yourself:
Where was I before I was born here?
And feel into what comes up.

And then remember:
You are here to thrive.
You are here to focus on expansion.
You are here to follow your soul.
You are here to think, feel and experience growth.
And you can float into the the truth of your soul.
With ease, and without the struggle
by feeling your next levels into existence.

And becoming unavailable for the noise.
That simple.



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